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Local Business Owner Pays Tribute to Virtua Colleagues

May 22, 2020 - "HEROES WORK HERE" signs on the grounds of all Virtua Health hospitals are an expression of thanks from MJ Corp, a Mount Laurel-based company, to acknowledge the care provided to owner John Dikmak's wife.

May 22, 2020

Hospital grounds adorned with words of appreciation 

Beginning this week, big, bold letter-shaped signs spell the words “HEROES WORK HERE” on the grounds outside all five Virtua Health hospitals. This tribute to health care employees is an expression of thanks from MJ Corp, a Mount Laurel-based company whose co-owner has a personal interest in uplifting Virtua’s workforce. 

Virtua has worked with MJ Corp, an advertising and sign company, for 10 years. Throughout that time, the company has generously supported many of Virtua’s philanthropic initiatives. More recently, in mid-April, the professional relationship became personal when the wife of MJ Corp co-owner John Dikmak fell and required emergency shoulder surgery. 

“I could not be with my wife [in the hospital] because of the coronavirus,” John explained. “I felt helpless watching Lynda being driven away in an ambulance and knowing I could not go with her.” 

Lynda Intenzo was an inpatient at Virtua Voorhees Hospital for two days after the surgery, and the family is grateful for the exceptional care and comfort she received from the entire Virtua team. 

“Although the coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, that doesn’t mean other ailments and injuries go away,” said Paul Minnick, chief operating officer for Virtua’s hospitals in Marlton and Voorhees. “We are simultaneously providing care for people with and without COVID-19 and are doing so in a way that prioritizes safety and prohibits the virus from spreading.”

To achieve this, all Virtua hospitals have enacted a number of additional safety measures. These include installing Plexiglas dividers at many reception areas; providing masks to all patients and employees; increasing the number of hand-sanitizer stations; and asking COVID-19 screening questions. 

“The kindness and care we experienced will never be forgotten, and it’s not just my family that feels this way.” John said. “Now, more than ever, health care workers need to know how much the world thanks them.”